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Talk PRO H450A

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Talk PRO H450A

Suitable for: Airports, Ports, Tunnels, Large Factories, Construction industry and users with heavy talk time.

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Talk PRO H450A

Product Description:

  • Battery Life: 48 Hours
  • Weight (with battery): 252 grams
  • Torch: Xenon 15ft beam
  • Warranty: 1 Year on Radio
  • Suitable For: Airports, Ports, Tunnels, Large Factories, Infra and Construction industry

Additional details:

  • Battery Type: 2200 mAH (Li-ion)
  • Power: 5.5 Watt
  • No of Channels: 16
  • MIL STD: Yes Rain/Dust resistent
  • Additional Features: 2 tone signalling, whisper mode, internal noise cancelling, xenon torchlight, best suited for users with long talk time


Walkie Talkie License in India

The procedure to get a license for a walkie talkie is very simple and our team will assist in arranging the license from the government, at a nominal charge.
Cost of getting the license and permission
License costs are significantly lowers for Walkie Talkies in the 350 Mhz range (Sold by us) compared to the PMRTS licenses in the 800 MhZ Range

  • For 2 km coverage area: Rs. 500/- per radio per annum, for upto 6 radios. Applicable for event managers, video photographers, wedding planners, crane operators, resorts, hotels etc.
  • For 5km coverage area: Rs. 1,000/- per radio per annum for 6 radios. Applicable for airports, large factories, thermal power plants, mining industry etc.

Note: Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMRTS) operators (e.g. Aryaomnitalk) charge upto Rs. 6,000/- (or 12 times) every year for similar service for 2 KM or 5 KM coverage. One should subscribe to this service only when city wide coverage is required. Example- municipality, courier or radio taxi companies etc. Find our more
For the States of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and the metro cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, there is a surcharge of 10% on the License fees.

Download the walkie talkie licence form here.


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