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Survival Blanket Olive Green/Silver

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Survival Blanket - Olive Green/Silver

Survival Blanket - Olive Green/Silver

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Survival Blanket

  • This Classic Survival Blanket Assists The Retention Of Up To 90% Of Radiated Body Heat And Helps In Shielding From Wind And Rain
  • Prevents And Assists Treatment Of Hypothermia
  • Can Also Be Used As A Signaling Device For Easy Identification
  • Light Weight And Compact
  • Material: Aluminium Coated PE-Foil
  • Weight: Approx 60 Grams
  • Dimensions Folded (Pack Size): Approx. 11 X 8 X 2 Cm
  • Dimensions Unfolded: Approx. 210 X 160 Cm
  • Colour:  Olive Green/Silver (Unflakable Olive Green Coating On One Side And Silver On the Other)

Here Are Different Ways In Which You Can Use This Blanket

  • Fire Starting
  • Cooking/water Purification
  • Signaling Device
  • Cordage
  • Reflect Sunlight Off Your Body
  • Fishing Lures
  • Use To Collect Dew Or Rain Water
  • Use To Direct Your Campfire Heat Into Your Shelter Or On To Your Body
  • Dry Your Clothes Quickly
  • Use As A Shelter

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Other Uses Include

  • Keep the hot sun from heating up the rooms in your home by covering glass panes with Mylar blankets
  • Hang in doorways to close off rooms in the winter. The blankets will keep heat from escaping the rooms you are occupying
  • Hang a blanket behind a wood stove, radiator, or other heating device to reflect the heat into the room
  • Cut into strips and use for securing splints or make a sling to immobilize a broken arm

Know More About Survival Blanket

A space blanket (also known as a mylar blanket, first aid blanket, emergency blanket, thermal blanket or weather blanket) is a blanket used in emergencies to reduce heat losses in a person's body caused by thermal radiation, water evaporation and convection.First developed by NASA in 1964 for the US space program, the material consists of a thin sheet of plastic (often PET film) that is coated with a metallic reflecting agent, making it metallized polyethylene terephthalate or MPET, usually gold or silver in color, which reflects up to 97% of radiated heat.

Space blankets are made by vacuum depositing a very precise amount of pure aluminum vapor onto a very thin, durable film substrate. Space blankets are included in many emergency, first aid, and survival kits because they are usually waterproof and windproof. That, along with their light weight and ability to pack into a small space, has made them popular among outdoor enthusiasts and emergency workers. Space blankets are often given to marathoners at the end of races. The material may be used in conjunction with conductive insulation material and may be formed into a bag for use as a bivouac sack (survival bag).

In first aid the blankets are used to prevent/counter hypothermia. A threefold action facilitates this.

  • The airtight foil reduces convection
  • Heat loss caused by evaporation of perspiration, moisture or blood is minimized by the same mechanism
  • To a limited extent the reflective surface inhibits losses caused by thermal radiation

In a hot environment they can be used to provide shade, but using them to wrap a person would be counterproductive, because body heat would get trapped by the airtight foil. This effect would exceed any benefit gained from heat reflection to the outside.

They can be used for other applications such as insulating containers—e.g. for DIY solar projects—and other applications.

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