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Laulhere Merino Wool Combat Beret 1

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Laulhere Military Beret - Black

Laulhere Military Beret - Black

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Laulhere Military Beret

  • Yarn Of Beret Body Is Made Of 100% Merino Wool
  • Beret Lining Made Of 100% Cotton Fabric (Black Colour)
  • Stain Proffed Goat Leather For The Protection Of The Lip Of The Beret (Black Colour)
  • Cross Woven Acetate Tape (Black Colour)
  • Polyster Thread
  • Eylets - 5mm, Black Colour
  • Beret Sizes - 52 Cm, 53 Cm, 54 Cm, 55 Cm, 56 Cm, 57 Cm, 58 Cm, 59 Cm, 60 Cm,
  • Made In France By Laulhere
  • Choose The Size By Measuring The Circumference Of The Head In Centimeters

Watch these videos to know more about how berets are made and how to shape them!





Felted wool offers protection from the elements wind, heat, cold and moisture, because it regulates heat, shrugs off water and breathes.

The felting process strengthens and enhances the wool’s natural properties.
The warmth opens up fine film coating of scales and the wool’s fibres interlock and mat together irreversibly resulting in a fabric that retains the virgin wool’s natural properties but is denser and harder-wearing than the original yarn.

Even water droplets cannot penetrate fibres that have been felted.
In the same way water, dust and dirt form “beads” on the felt surface that is both water-repellent and breathable.

Woollen fibres are highly resilient and the felt loops retain this quality through the knitting process.
A merino wool fibre can be folded 20 000 times without breaking. It can be stretched up to 30% without damage and when the extension is released, the fibre reverts fully to its original dimensions. Consequently our berets not only offer strength but retain their exceptional drape even when exposed to extreme conditions.

The finest wool in the world, a fibre that is 3 times finer than a human hair strand.

The thickness of an average merino wool fibre ranges from 13–24 microns (by way of comparison, Shetland wool fibres are 40 microns thick and a strand of human hair is 60 microns thick).

Wool is natural temperature and moisture regulator. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

If you place a strand of wool under the microscope, its surface structure appears irregular and covered with scales that overlap like roof tiles. Thanks to these physical features, the wool traps the air in its fibres, stops it from moving, and thus acts as an insulator protecting the head from the external environment.
In contrast to synthetic fibres, merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water, yet appears dry (its absorption rate is 100–150 times higher than that of polyester).

Odour-repellent wool : merino wool is naturally antibacterial. It breaks down odour-bearing molecules with ease and retards the onset of bad odours.

Any moisture coming into contact with the beret slides off, and in doing so removes odours and dirt thanks to the lanoline in the merino wool fibres. As a result, merino wool offers better resistance to soiling, while perspiration is absorbed and expelled to the fabric’s surface leaving no time for unpleasant smells to develop.

Brand NameLaulhere
MaterialMerino Wool