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Cyalume - Visipad

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Cyalume - Visipad

Cyalume - Visipad

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The Cyalume VisiPad is one of the newest tactical lighting products on the market. The VisiPad gives First Responders the ability to strategically emit color specific lighting and identification at a moments notice. The VisiPad is available in a variation of colors: Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue. Each VisiPad has a 3M backing to allow the user to adhere the VisiPad to most all surfaces.

Use the Green, Yellow, and Red VisiPads for triage and surge capacity patient identification. The VisiPad is designed with durability and long lighting duration (24hr-plus). First Responders can use the VisiPad in the field with creativity and ingenuity to effectively utilize the VisiPad for most all missions and operations.

DLXpert Advice:
The Cyalume VisiPad has a 5-year shelf life making a great product for deployments and stockpile.

American-Made by Cyalume®

Brand NameCyalume
Lighting MaterialNot Specified