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Polar Ice Screw - 20cms

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Polar Ice Screw - 20cms

Polar Ice Screw - 20cms

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Polar Ice Screw - 20cms

An alpinist’s best friend, Polar ice screw features an integrated crank and concave cut teeth for ease of placement in ice. The tube features a tapered profile for a smooth passage of the screw in ice. Polar ice screw is made from heat treated and hardened Chromoly alloy to achieve the desired mechanical properties.


Axial Pullout Strength: 5kN
Radial Pullout Strength in test Ice block Type 2: 15kN
Vertical traverse per rotation (after 10 full rotations) under the load of 120N is > pitch of the thread


Tube: Chromoly Steel
Hanger: Chromoly Steel

CERTIFICATIONS: EN568:2007, CE and UIAA (17cms and 20cms)- Pending!

NOTE: Strength of an ice screw depends significantly on the quality of ice. Avoid using this on fragile, aerated and thin slabs of ice. A screw is only one part of the safety chain and should be used in conjunction with only CE and UIAA certified equipment.

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